Your own pocket-sized (natural) pharmacy


Your own therapy guide

√ The Personal Therapy Device (PTD) is a new technological development that stimulates and supports your body’s self-healing ability.
√ The PTD is loaded with more than 300 programs that can be selected for a wide variety of symptoms. The technology used is patented, innovative and unique.
√ The PTD is small (pocket-sized) and can be used anywhere, anytime.

Do you remember what it felt like to be healthy?

How does the body function?
The body is equipped with a self-regulating energy system. It is comparable to a software program operating to maintain and repair health. Destructive influences such as radiation, poor nutrition, negative emotions, toxins and pollution can upset this system.

Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease. Sickness does not occur like lightning out of a blue sky but is slowly built up by the many influences that burden human existence. (Hippocrates, Greek doctor and “father” of western medicine, 460 BC)

How can imbalance be fixed?
1) By a healthy lifestyle.
2) By stimulating the self-regulating energy system with the high-tech PTD.

How does the PTD work?
The PTD sends out complex energy waves that stimulate and positively influence our power to self-heal. Cells will return to the correct resonance with each other, thereby bringing the body into balance and enabling it to alleviate symptoms and complaints or in some cases eliminate them.

What can the PTD be used for?
All programs have one or more of the following characteristics:
1. Alleviating symptoms: of such ailments as headache, muscle pain, constipation, menstruation cramps and high/low blood-pressure.
2. Constructive use: improvement of the function and vitality of specific organs and tissues, the digestive system, the kidney and urinary tract, the skeletal system, skin, etc.
3. Improvement of wellbeing: reducing stress, giving better night’s sleep, more mental and physical energy, weight control and detox.
4. Problem solving: for colds, bladder infections, allergies, wounds, as well as for strengthening the immune system.

How quickly does one see results?
Acute complaints often disappear within ten minutes (headache) to half an hour (menstruation pains). Chronic conditions such as arthritis take time. After several weeks of daily use one can usually detect improvements.

For whom is the PTD suitable?
It is suitable for babies, children, adults and animals. Look on it as a medicine cabinet that is permanently available to the whole family.

How does one use the PTD?
The PTD is usually clipped to a belt or carried in one’s pocket. In general the closer the PTD is placed to the affected area, the faster and more efficiently it works. It is not necessary for the PTD to be in contact with the skin.

Is the PTD complicated to use?
Anyone who can operate a remote-control can manage this self-help device. The PTD has an easily readable display and is delivered with a comprehensive manual.

Is the PTD safe?
All parameters are well below the accepted values for long term exposure to electromagnetic influences. Research has shown that high-level signals are not necessary because the body is sensitive to, and selectively reacts to, stimuli of a very low level. If the wrong program is accidentally used the body will ignore all information which it does not need. This makes the PTD extremely safe to use.*

* Legal safety requirements for the use of electronic devices nevertheless indicate that the PTD is not advised for pregnant women and those using a pacemaker.

What makes the PTD unique?
The PTD has fully automatic programs with both high and low frequencies. Therefore the results are better than devices that use a single frequency. Even expensive, professional instruments miss this unique technology. There are 11 unique developments in PTD that are world patent pending.

Are there side-effects?
The PTD has been beta tested since 2007 and has continued to give outstanding results without any negative side-effects being reported.

Can the PTD heal?
The PTD is not a miracle doctor. It does not cure disorders or sicknesses: it is not a medical treatment. Consider the PTD as a friend that supports you when the body can use a bit of extra help to kick-start its natural healing abilities. **

** The PTD is not intended for the treatment of disorders and should on no account be considered a replacement for a medical consultation. In case of doubt seek professional advice.

About the PTD
The PTD was developed in cooperation with Norwegian scientists and is produced by a leading manufacturer of advanced technical devices in the aerospace industry, which must meet the highest quality standards. The PTD has been tested and developed with the use of approved diagnostic medical equipment (CE Medical Class IIA and FDA registration) and the results are most persuasive.

√ For chronic disorders it is advisable to consult a health professional, who can give you an accurate insight into the nature of the disturbed energy balance and the best way to restore it.



‘I have been suffering from menstrual cramps since puberty. With the PTD the stomach pains were gone within a half an hour – without painkillers or other substances! I used the PTD for three cycles and after that my symptoms never came back. Brilliant!’
(Anette, Dordrecht NL)

‘There was nothing I had not tried to counter the migraine attacks that I have been having since I was eighteen. I tried all sorts of therapies but nothing helped – until I was able to borrow a PTD. Every day I ran the headache, migraine and liver programs. After one week my migraine was over and hasn’t come back.’
(Maria, Numansdorp NL)

‘In spite of doing many high-level sports activities I regularly suffered from muscle pain due to acid buildup. I have been using the PTD for some time and I now no longer have muscle pain. My urine may smell of asparagus, but the acid buildup and pain are history!’
(Ruud, Amsterdam NL)

‘Since I have been working with the PTD my patients have been regaining their fitness and/or recovering from their health problems more quickly. The results are sometimes really surprising. I test every patient with professional medical equipment, and that shows that the PTD scores almost 100%.’
(Jan, complementary health professional, Volendam NL)

‘I get impressive results with the PTD for various complaints such as colds, immune system, trauma, etc. I use it continuously and find it very effective.’
(Jo Quinn Ph.D. Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine)

Ask your therapist or local dealer for a demonstration and pricing. For further information please contact us