What is your PTD®?


Designed to support your body’s own natural healing functions.

  • Help to solve your problems by health restoration
  • Restoring your health
  • Eliminates/reduces symptoms
  • Stimulated wellness - Can result in better sleep, vitality, fewer symptoms, less illness
  • Supported regeneration - opposes the aging process

Specialized anatomy software for Medical Thermography
Infrared Screening Camera


How does your PTD® work?

Like electronic natural healing the PTD promotes your body’s innate self-healing functions.

ptd It works by stimulating your body’s frequency-based information system on an electromagnetic level. It is based on science, which recognises how your body health benefits from correct, supportive information patterns. Correctly operating software, an implicit part of your healthy system, helps to reduce your symptoms. Symptoms are your personal individual experience of reduced wellness.


How do I Buy the PTD®?

Buy NOW:

UK Purchase: www.bioenergyproducts.co.uk

USA Shop - coming soon

Norway & Sweden: helsepakken.no/ptd.html

Rest of the world: www.energetic-healing.com